Condenser Systems and Accessories | Ambassador Heat Transfer

Condenser Systems and Accessories

Surface Condensers can be supplied with auxiliary equipment skid mounted (if size allows) or on a separate skids.

Surface Condenser Systems can include the following

  • Vacuum Systems - Non-condensables removal with Steam Ejectors or Vacuum pumps View
  • Condensate Pumps - Condensate forwarding system with condensate pumps - Pumps can be Standard, ANSI, ISO, or API 610 View
  • Level controls; level, pressure, and temperature transmitters
  • Interconnecting piping with valves and instruments
  • Control Panel with alarms View
  • Atmospheric Relief Valve View
  • Steam duct and expansion joint

Benefits of Packaged Systems

  • Single source responsibility – minimizing risks of project delays and cost overruns.
  • More compact, less field work, better quality and reliability.
  • Faster field erection – reduced start-up time and cost.

Factory check out and set up of system before shipment can include

  • Leak test of all auxiliary piping and tubing runs.
  • Operational test of condensate pumps.
  • Operational test of vacuum pumps, when supplied.
  • Set Up and Operational test of level controls and control valves.
  • Operational check of Transmitters
  • Operational test of Control Panel functions, logic and alarms
  • Factory mock fit up of interconnecting piping