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Dump Condensers

Dump Steam CondenserDump Condensers are used to recover large amounts of steam that may otherwise be vented to the atmosphere. During fluctuating steam loads, turbine trip off, turbine start-up, or bypass, the excess steam that would ordinarily be vented can be diverted to a dump condenser. Dump Condensers may also be used for process plants when upset demand conditions occur.


  • Water-cooled and Air-cooled Dump Condensers
  • Fabrication and design typically to Heat Exchange Institute Standard (HEI), ASME Code,
    and can include TEMA, Seismic Codes, and other specifications.
  • Designs to eliminate excessive vibrations and water hammer
  • Standard materials are carbon steel with stainless steel tubes. Special materials are available for severe duty or other applications.
  • Dump Condenser can be furnished as a system which may consist of Steam Pressure/Temperature Reducing Station and Condensate Recovery System which includes Level Controls, Condensate Pump, and Electrical Control Panel for automatic operation.