Engineered Solutions | Ambassador Heat Transfer

Engineered Solutions

Ambassador is known for having superior technical capability to provide the best solutions for customer’s specific applications.

Engineering Expertise

  • Company focus is on highly specialized, engineered heat transfer equipment.
  • Staff includes several diversified fields of engineering with in house capability to perform thermal, mechanical, structural and electrical designs in a skillful manner.
  • Computer sizing is done using proprietary software and other advanced programs.
  • Thermal designs are reviewed by our in-house heat exchanger design experts to assure efficiency, proper performance, and economy of construction.
  • Ambassador’s staff includes graduate level engineers and some of the most experienced heat transfer specialists in the industry. This assures state of the art, world class products.
  • Adept in providing designs to meet specifications such as ASME Code, TEMA, HEI, API, AWS, Seismic Codes, ABS, ANSI, ISO, IBC, NEC, NEMA, Canadian standards, Military specs, and customers specifications.
  • Long term members of the Heat Transfer Research Institute.

Optimizing Thermal Efficiency, Cost Effectiveness, and Equipment Life

In designing our products, Ambassador thoroughly analyzes the factors that will affect the equipment efficiency and performance over the customer’s specified operating range including the following:

  • Maximizing uniform distribution of flows
  • Allowing for removal of non-condensables
  • Designing Tube layouts to enhance performance
  • Enhancing surface area
  • Handling of harmful velocities
  • Reducing pressure drop
  • Flow configurations optimized for maximum performance